About Delirious Blue Jewelry

Kirsten McIlvenna Artist PhotoAs a go-getter that's always one step ahead, you often feel overwhelmed. You love what you do, but your passion to help others and keep pursuing your dreams sometimes leaves you tired. You're a strong, confident woman who's capable of it all, but sometimes you forget.

Girl, I get it. I'm Kirsten, the designer and owner of Delirious Blue Jewelry. And in addition to running my business, I work fulltime at a nonprofit, am planning a wedding, traveling, and finding time to renovate my new (old) 1890 historic home. When I get ready in the morning, I want to feel ready to take on the day. I want other women to feel the same way.

That’s why I design jewelry inspired by real women’s stories. Each woman’s journey is unique, but it’s easy to see a part of yourself in each one. Let their story propel you forward and let your new piece of jewelry remind you that you can shine when you’ve forgotten.

All of my designs are made with eco-friendly and recycled materials. You can rest easy knowing that you won't be harming the environment with your purchase--in fact, you'll be helping! With the purchase of every piece of my jewelry, I donate to the Earth Day Network's Canopy Project to plant one tree. Each time you slip on one of my necklaces, or take your earrings out at night, you'll be reminded that you've already done something great for this world. And today, you can do it again.


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An Eco-friendly Model

Delirious Blue Jewelry is about more than a fashion statement. It’s about designs that are minimal and durable and that leave not only a small footprint on the earth but also roots. Each piece of art is created with recycled and ecofriendly metal using traditional metalsmithing techniques and an extra attention to the details.

But I believe that we can’t only recycle what we have but should also give back. I believe in this so much that I vow to donate to plant a tree for every piece of Delirious Blue Jewelry you purchase.

Every purchase = a tree planted.

Our planet loses 15 billion trees every year. That’s 56 acres of trees every minute! Trees provide food, energy, and income. They help communities achieve long-term sustainability. Trees filter the air and help reverse the effects of climate change. A fully-grown tree can produce enough oxygen in a year as 10 people breath.

We take so much from our planet. The time to give back is now.

For every piece of Delirious Blue Jewelry purchased, I will donate to Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project to plant a tree. Their goal is to plant 7.8 billion trees by 2020. Together, we can help achieve that goal.

To learn more about the project, or to donate directly, visit earthday.org.