What Makes a Company Eco-Friendly?

I’ve branded Delirious Blue Jewelry as eco-friendly, but perhaps you’re not as familiar with what that means. I also call it “environmentally-friendly.” But to me, both mean the same. Each brand’s definition can be slightly different. For me, here are the components that make Delirious Blue Jewelry considered eco-friendly: 

  • All of my designs are made with 100% recycled sterling silver, copper, and brass.

Stainless Steel is Eco-Friendly Metal

  • For my base metal, I use stainless steel, a very earth-friendly metal. Why? I wrote all about it over in the blog. Click here to learn more.

  • My packaging is all recycled! The boxes that I ship in are made from recycled cardboard. I shred my own paper saved from magazines and paper that would otherwise be thrown away. And I make my own boxes from that same paper to package your jewelry. The tissue paper inside the boxes? All my friends know that when I’m at a party with gifts, I’m the one rushing to save the tissue paper from the trash.
  • I do not include printed receipts or packing slips in my packaging. This saves paper and ink. Misplaced your email and need a copy? Just reach out and I can email you a new one!
  • My business cards are made from 100% recycled paper.

each purchase of Delirious Blue Jewelry plants a tree

  • For every purchase of Delirious Blue Jewelry, I make a donation to plant a tree!

Like I said, every company is different. But at least for me, I try to take advantage of every opportunity I can to leave a smaller ecological footprint on the earth.

I regularly share posts and ideas on my Pinterest page about how to live more minimally and environmentally friendly. Interested in learning more? Follow my page on Pinterest today.

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