Three Big Changes for Delirious Blue Jewelry and How They Affect You

Delirious Blue Jewelry is headed in a new direction, one I’m very excited about.

But as I try to put into words what it means to me, I’ve written and rewritten this so many times. Nervous about what to say and how to say it. I’ve put myself down, second-guessed myself, and sat in a ball of anxiety, worried that people won’t like this new direction.

Have you ever been there? As women, we have days where we feel unstoppable, almost like we are Wonder Woman. But then there are those heart-wrenching days when we are reminded we are not. We can’t be. Sometimes it stops there, but sometimes it goes further and makes us feel bad about ourselves.

It happens to us all, and I’m afraid that our social media culture and need to be perfect, busy, and productive often leave us feeling burnt out and “not good enough.”

As I’ve been doing some soul-searching in the last year and a half, I’ve been thinking about what I really want Delirious Blue Jewelry to be about. Am I just contributing to the noise? Or can there be more to this business. 

I want Delirious Blue Jewelry to not only make you look great and feel confident, but also to remind you that you already are good enough. That you have flaws, and that’s what makes you beautiful. To remind you of your inner strength to persevere when you’ve forgotten. And to love abundantly and chase after your dreams. 

So in reflecting on this, Delirious Blue Jewelry will be different in three ways:

1. Moving forward, Delirious Blue Jewelry will be inspired by real women’s stories.

By wearing my jewelry designs, I want you to carry with you the hope and strength of other women to remind you of all you can be. To pick you up when you’re down. And to connect you with the amazing women around you.

I’m so delighted to have already partnered with three incredible women whose stories I’m certain will inspire you. I will launch a new collection in June, with three mini collections inspired by these women.

2. A percentage of all sales will be donated to empower others through charities associated with each woman’s story.

Delirious Blue Jewelry will continue to be an eco-friendly brand but instead of donating to plant a tree for your purchase, a larger portion will go toward supporting and uplifting others. The environment is still very important to me, and DBJ’s approach to business, but this balance helps to preserve our earth while also caring for those around us. 

3. Delirious Blue Jewelry will have a more consistent design style.

A few years ago, I took classes at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts in classic metalsmith techniques. Ever since, I’ve wanted to implement soldering and stone setting into my work. Now that my studio space is complete, I finally have a safe working space to start working with a torch. I’ll be using all recycled sterling silver and brass in my pieces moving forward. To see behind the scenes as I develop these designs, you can join my insider’s circle for free by clicking here.

So what does all of this mean for you?

Starting June 20, you’ll be invited to share in the stories that unite us as women. By purchasing this jewelry inspired by their stories, you’ll be helping to uplift and empower others while reminding yourself of your own strength.

This change also means that anything currently available for sale will no longer be available after June 20. This means: start shopping now for anything you’ve had your eye on! This month will be your last chance to purchase any of these necklaces, earrings, or guitar string bracelets.

I’d love to hear what you think!

I would be blessed and honored if you are willing to continue on this journey with me as I redesign how Delirious Blue Jewelry approaches design and how I approach my work. I would also love to hear any thoughts on this you may have and am open to hearing if there are others in your life whose stories need to be heard. Please send me a message any time at 

In the coming weeks, you’ll get a sneak-peak into my design process and new techniques. I’ll begin to share these women’s stories with you. And I invite you to join me on June 20—virtually or in person—as I launch this new collection and take the next steps on this journey.