The Results are In: Top Sellers of 2017

Overwhelmed by your choices in jewelry? Can't narrow down a decision? Here's the top sellers out of my collections in 2017. It may not be always wise to blindly follow the crowd, but when it comes to "what's in," you simply can't go wrong! Plus, Delirious Blue Jewelry pieces will look great in 2018 as well!

Most Popular: Lotus Necklace

Maybe it's because we all needed a little extra zen for 2017, but this lotus necklace sure was a winner. Need to remember to take some deep breaths in 2018? This simple yet elegant necklace will help remind you wherever you are, whether you're rocking that day job or hitting the yoga mat!

Gold Bars Can't be Beat

The gold bar earrings (and gold bar necklace for that matter) were hit for all of you as well as me! The simple lines and minimalist design makes it match with just about any outfit. Here's what Amber had to say: "These earrings are beautiful and so comfortable... they go with everything and are my absolute fave!!"

Copper and Pearls Are Classic

If you ask me, pearls never go out of style. Made from used guitar strings, these pearl guitar string bracelets add style while also keeping trash from the landfills. They make a great conversation piece!

Love them?

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