Pick Your Guitar String Bracelet Size: How to Measure

How to Measure for a Guitar String Bracelet

The base of all my bracelets are—you guessed it—guitar strings! My guitar strings come from a school in Michigan where students are studying to be luthiers (those that make or fix guitars). Whenever they change out guitar strings, they save the old ones and send them to me instead of to the trash!

Because guitar string bracelets are more flexible than a typical bangle, it’s easier to fit them on.

But you still want to measure and make sure you have the right size. The trick is making sure to measure around your knuckles, and not your wrist! Here’s a quick play by play (also helpful to view the video at the end of the page), but let me know if you get stuck or aren’t sure where your hand fits.


What you’ll need:

Flexible measuring tape
String, marker, flat ruler
Ideally, another person to help

How to Measure for your Guitar String Bracelet

  1. Make your hand into the shape you would to put it on. Best bet is to just reference the photo below (or watch the video above), because it’s nearly impossible to describe!

 Guitar String Bracelet Hand Position

  1. Have a friend wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your hand, at the knuckles. Make sure your friend pulls tight, and see the measurement where the end meets.


Wrap the string around, pull tight, and mark where the end of the string hits the other side. Unravel and measure it against a ruler.

 Guitar String Bracelet Measuring Hand

  1. Use that measurement against the chart below to determine your size. Starting from size small, keep bumping up a size until your measurement falls in the category. For example, a measurement of 7.3” would be a Small/Medium.


  1. Browse my collection of guitar string bracelets. Pick the one (or two, or three) you want, and pick out the size you just measured for. Don’t forget to hit “add to cart,” and “checkout” ;)


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