New House = New Studio!

my new house

This summer, my fiance and I became homeowners for the first time. I'll never forget that first night where I took a break from stripping wallpaper in our new bedroom and sat in the empty living room. I looked about in awe of my oversized house. This is mine. What a great feeling!

I've had countless studios over the years as we've moved from place to place, and I'm so excited to make my permanent studio in my house a place that is inspiring and functional.

I'm hoping to be moved into the studio by Thanksgiving, but it's been a lot of work! The wallpaper has been stripped, the glue washed off, and some of the major repairs made to the wall. Now it's all about filling all those little holes and dents, painting, and ripping out the carpet.

I wanted to show you some progress, and I can't wait to show you the completed piece!

studio room with wallpaper

There were four layers of wallpaper in this room! That top layer was vinyl and too thick to allow the steamer to work on it. Luckily it stripped away pretty easily by just ripping it off the walls. Then the steamer soaked through the next three layers pretty well. If you're working on an old house (did I mention it was built in 1890???), a steamer is your best friend!

If I do this ever again, I would be better at trying to get the glue off with the steamer along with the paper. The big brown patches in the picture are drywall repairs, but all the rest is glue! And when it's that old, it's pretty stubborn!

Here's where it is now! At some point, I got impatient and moved my jeweler's bench in and pulled back the carpet. Lots more repairs to the wall need to be done, but wine always helps (do you see what I see?).

I can't wait to paint and show you how it all comes together!

If you want a sneak peak from a little earlier in the process, check it out here on my Facebook video feed.