Inspired with a Postcard

Sometimes we all need a pick-me-up. Sometimes some words from our past self are just the thing.

At the live event for the launch of Delirious Blue Jewelry’s new direction and two new jewelry collections (The Amanda Collection and The Kris Collection), I gave out postcards to each attendee, asking them to write something inspirational to their future self. Some wrote words of encouragement or reassurance, while others reminded themselves of goals they had set.

Here are some of my favorites!

Postcard Project with Delirious Blue Jewelry samples

Earlier this month, I sent these postcards out to them—a month and a half after they made them. My hope is that they brought a smile to each person and reminded them of the strength they carry.

I love this concept so much that I want to extend it to all of you who weren’t able to attend the event.

Have a Postcard Sent to You

All you have to do is send an email to me at kirsten@deliriousbluejewelry.comwith “Postcard Project” as the  subject line. Write a note to yourself (or perhaps to a loved one instead!) to be included along with your mailing address. I’ll write the message on a postcard and sign it from you. In a month or two when you’ve forgotten about it, I’ll pop it in the mail!

Love it? Want to get started? Contact me today. Feel free to share with others who you think would like to participate!