How to Customize a Necklace for Mom for Mother’s Day

Aren’t moms just the best? We all say it, but I’ve got the best mom in the world! Many of us believe that too, but our moms are the best for us because they know us the best! Did that make sense? Here’s me and my mom from some earlier days:

 Kirsten and her mom

But back to the topic: Mother’s Day. It’s a great day to show her how much we care and how much we love her. Want a gift that’s sure to bring happy tears to her eyes? Or at least make her say “awww” and cry when you’re not looking? 

For years, I’ve been making bird nest necklaces for moms so they can show off the little birds in their nests. I’ve got a lot of ready-to-ship bird nest necklaces of all colors and counts, but if you want to know how to customize one perfect for your mum, read on.

Hint: it’s a great gift idea to subtly drop for your husband, too.

Customize Your Own Bird Nest Necklace 

5 Egg Bird Nest NecklaceStep 1: Determine the number of “eggs” in her nest. Some like to include just children, while others like to include grandchildren as well. I’ve made nests from as little as just one egg all the way up to 8 eggs!

I’ve also made sweet necklaces that included eggs representing miscarriages as well, as a way to remember the little ones they lost and keep them close to their heart.

 Step 2: Pick your colors! On the custom bird nest necklace listing, you’ll see photos with the colors I have available. Pick out your favorite colors, or choose beads to represent birthstones.

Not quite sure how they will look together? Or curious if I have a slightly different color? Feel free to send me an email or text me at (989) 312-3227. I’m happy to send you photos of what the beads look like together as well as pictures of other beads I might have.

Step 3: Choose your length! A standard necklace size is 18 inches long. But if you’d like it a little longer or a little shorter, there are options for that as well.


Step 4: Order! It usually takes me 1-3 days to make a custom piece and get it in the mail for you. Standard USPS mainland shipping typically takes 2-5 days, but I have options for priority shipping as well. Ordering for Mother’s Day? Try to order by May 4 for standard shipping and May 7 for priority shipping.


And that’s it! You’ve just customized a piece that will last a lifetime and that she is sure to cherish for a lifetime. Ready to get started? Here’s the link to the listing!

Click here to customize a bird nest necklace